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Exclusive Weight Loss & Diabetic Products

By PANACEA/Achievements

We cannot ignore human physiology

• The epidemic of obesity is the result of insulin resistance
• Insulin resistance is caused by overconsumption of carbohydrates
• Excessive carbohydrates are converted into body fat
• Calorie restriction deprives us from vital nutrients and decreases the metabolic rate
• Appetite depressants create a metabolism of starvation
• Starvation causes immune deficiency and worsens nutrient deficiency
• Appetite depressants treat the smoke and not the fire
• Weight loss occurs when insulin resistance is controlled

• The physiological approach
• No appetite depressants
• Treat insulin resistance to reduce weight
• Replacement of Hoodia with:
1. Cinnamon
2. Avocado extract

Cinnamon & Avocado extract (CAE) versus Hoodia

• Addresses the underlying cause
• Extensive long-term research
• No interference in brain metabolism
• Regulation instead of suppression
• Prevents insulin resistance
• Proven long term safety

•Does not address the underlying cause
• No long term research
• Interferes with brain metabolism
• Suppression instead of regulation
• No effect on insulin resistance
• No long term proof

Benefits of Cinnamon
• Cinnamon is proven to treat insulin resistance without any side effects
• Cinnamon shows even to prevent insulin resistance
• In humans with type 2 diabetes, consuming as little as 300mg of cinnamon per day was found to reduce blood sugar, triglycerides, LDL (bad) cholesterol, and total cholesterol, in a study published in the December 2003 issue of Diabetes Care
• Both test tube and human studies have shown that compounds in cinnamon not only stimulate insulin receptors, but also inhibit an enzyme that inactivates them, thus significantly increasing cells’ ability to use glucose.
• Cinnamon is also powerful antioxidant

Benefits of Advocado Extract
• By cutting down the craving for carbohydrate foods, fewer calories are consumed, resulting in a reduced provocation for the pancreas to overproduce insulin.
• By inhibiting a pancreatic enzyme involved in insulin synthesis, there is a reduction in serum insulin levels, thus reducing the excess storage of glucose into body fat.
• By reducing excess insulin, bloated adipocytes (fat cells) are able to release stored fat. Individuals who properly consume avocado extract find that they can reduce their daily calorie intake and slowly lose body fat.
• By cutting down on excess insulin secretion, the body is protected against the many diseases associated with hyperinsulinemia.

• Cinnamon and Avocado extract are well researched natural occurring compounds
• Cinnamon and Avocado extract address the underlying cause of obesity and fit well in human physiology
• Cinnamon and Avocado extract show visible results without any side effects
• Cinnamon and Avocado extract work in harmony and multiply their effects in a loss on body fat mass without interfering body lean mass metabolism