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Exclusive Symbiopathic™ Homeopathic Remedies

By PANACEA/Achievements / www.symbiopathic.com

Symbiopathic Remedies are based on proprietary production methods developed by Dr. Günther Enderlein and his associates in the 1920s. In 1983, researcher Bernard Armani began experiments to use substances such as noninfectious microbes to treat medical conditions (isopathy). Leading a team of 3 researchers in Switzerland, Mr. Armani developed and tested Spagyric and lsopathic compounds.
Mr. Armani reached a critical milestone in 1991, when his team discovered a composition to manufacture a herbal alternative to synthetic cortisone. For the next 6 years, he refined the process in order to produce topical, oral, and other homeopathic applications of whole plant extracts.
In all, Mr. Armani spent a period of 17 years developing, refining, and commercializing the isopathic and homeopathic technology to produce formulations for 45 topical applications, 200 Spagyric products, and 65 isopathic/homeopathic remedies. The estimated cost of development over this period totalled approximately CAD $10.3 million. Presently, these products, branded under Symbiopathic Remedies,
and have been approved for sale in the USA by the USFDA.