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Exclusive Symbiopathic™ Homeopathic Products and their indications.

By PANACEA/Achievements /www.symbiopathic.com

Aside from Mucor racemosus, Aspergillus niger is the most common symbiont found in humans according to Enderlein. Produced from suspensions of primitive forms of the fungus Aspergillus niger, this medication is indicated for active and latent forms of tuberculosis, masked TB caused by a paratubercular source, allergies, rheumatic illnesses, stomach ulcers, hyperactive thyroid and lymphatic problems. Aspergillus also provides good therapeutic results when used to treat urogenital diseases.

Candida is effective for treating all infections and inflammations that afflict body orifices, including mycotic infections, leucorrhea, dental foci, granuloma dentis, rhagades and pemphigus. It also helps eliminate urological infections that occur following antibiotic usage, pyodermatitis-type skin infections and inflammation of the large intestine.

Candida-Roqueforti suppositories combine two ingredients used to treat dysbacteria in the intestines and yeast infections. Moreover, scientific research shows that suppositories enable the patient to transport active lsophatic substances more efficiently into their bloodstream and throughout the entire body via the rectal mucosal membrane.

Firmus helps resolve chronic inflammations of serous and mucous membranes, bone infections and joint problems. Indigenous to the human body, this type of bacteria also is indicated for colitis syndromes, hormonal and ovarian problems including dys-menorrhoea and amenorrhea, gastritis, ulcers and chronic bronchitis. In addition, Firm us’ bacteriostatic effect helps eliminate foci and strengthens the body’s defences following illness. It is highly effective as an immuno-modulating therapy when used in combination with Subtilis.

Combination drops are indicated for all circulatory and lymph disturbances, including tonsillitis and chronic liver disease. This is an excellent remedy for children. It can help improve intestinal symbiosis in infants and school children, particularly following an infection.

Known as Enderlein’s flagship remedy, Mucor helps resolve chronic and acute illnesses of the blood caused by complex morphological structures. This remedy is used to treat pathological disruptions in the arterial and venous system, circulatory disturbances, arteriosclerosis, apoplexy (stroke), embolisms, glaucoma, varicose veins, thromboses, diabetic gangrene, phlebitis, hemorrhoids and constipation. Mucor also improves wound healing and helps eliminate congestion anywhere in the body.

Notatum is effective for treating all types of bacterial infections and inflammations, especially those caused by staphylococci and streptococci. It also helps resolve urological infections, herpes zoster, otitis, tonsillitis, respiratory infections and acne. In contrast to Mucor and Aspergillus, Notatum is a nonspecific stimulation therapy. This remedy can be prescribed in high doses to eliminate acute infections. Notatum is also ideal for finding and resolving latent foci. In addition, Notatum does not contain Penicillic acid and is safe for patients who are allergic to Penicillin.

Notatum-Quentans Nasal Spray
Used to prevent and fight colds and flu, the Notatum-Quentans Nasal Spray provides an excellent combination of two Enderlein-based remedies in a powerful 4X concentration.

Quentans is indicated for treatment of all types of acute and latent viral infections, including colds, flu, inflamed nasal passages, pre­and post-influenza neuralgia, laryngitis, sinusitis and myalgias. In addition, it is effective against all different types of herpes, including herpes zoster, and Multiple Sclerosis.

Roqueforti helps restore gastrointestinal tract symbiosis cases of dysbacteria. This remedy is also effective for treating helicobacter pylori, enteritis, gastritis, colitis, stomach ulcers and inflammation of the mucous membranes.

Subtilis is a non-acid resistant form of Bacillus subtilis that provides a mild, general immune-modulating effect. This medication is indicated for treatment of skin and lung diseases, chronic inflammations, rheumatism, stomach and intestinal infections and inflammation, colitis, diseases of the liver and gallbladder, ulcers and migraines. Subtilis effectively treats all forms of allergies -- such as neurodermatitis in children -- and other skin conditions. This remedy triggers and strengthens the immune system in a general way.