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Introduction to Panacea World Health Network
In the mid-90s, Ms. Kimmie Mathews developed effective formulas in the form of topical treatments and nutritional supplements for her own 2nd-3rd degree burns. Subsequently, she wanted to share her expertise and products with other burn victims. This eventually led her to Mr. Bernard Armani, who at that time had moved from his native Germany to start his first company, DermaMed Pharmaceuticals in Canada. It was nearly 20 years ago they first met and since then, they have continued to come together.

Ms. Mathews became a successful lecturer and researcher in Cosmeceutical and Nutraceutical fields. One of her signature products in her cell regenerative line is a well-known nutritive hydrating serum, RG-Cell. She has also developed a number of products for specific clients, primarily medical doctors as well as private companies. As a master formulator, using blue green algae as a base ingredient, Ms. Mathews has created a broad range of OEM and ODM product lines, including Klamath Beauty, Bellini, Symbio-GBK (health/skin care), Functional Organic Tooth Paste, as well as many other nutritional and probiotic products.

Mr. Armani is the founder of several successful companies, including Eidam Diagnostics Corporation, Biolytical Laboratories Inc., Deserving Health Group and Panacea Preventive Medicine Clinic & Research Centre. Additionally, he has an extensive background in the engineering of botanical extractions and with drug development, with copyright and intellectual properties in Spagyrik tinctures, and with Pleomorphic and Isopathic remedies comprising part of his portfolio.
Mr. Armani also developed the most advanced In Vitro Diagnostic Rapid Testing Technology. His state-of-the-art detection devices include: BioIQ-Test, Rapid Test Kit for infectious diseases such as Hepatitis C, Syphilis, HIV, and others. He has been expanding his business in bio-industry and has invested in new biotechnology.

Mr. Armani has successfully established a holding company called Platinum 21 Holdings Corporation (Richmond, British Columbia, Canada) with its subsidiaries. He combined forces with Ms. Mathews to establish a new entity, Panacea World Health Network (PWHN). As Managing Director and Shareholder in Platinum 21 Holdings Corporation, Ms. Mathews works directly with Mr. Armani to share whatsoever they possess, and to use their combined resources to reach out and help people of all ages who experience extreme hunger and suffering, such as war refugees, worldwide.

Mr. Armani and Ms. Mathews agree to execute all their means to support Panacea World Health Network with core-valued technologies within each subsidiary and the years-long experience both of them have attained in managing, operating and marketing in their capacity as a group.

Kimmie Mathews and Bernard Armani acknowledge that a sufficient amount of capital is required for the organisation’s operation to serve its purpose. Hence, they decided to give license to Panacea World Health Network to generate the capital on some selected technologies and products as mutually deemed suitable, such as the In Vitro Diagnostic Rapid Testing Device, etcetera.

The aforementioned will be on a commercial basis to generate funds for the organisation, PWHN. Using online platforms, the organisation will support the needy and build their health network through connecting and assisting in interaction with other devoted scientists, researchers and technologists, policy-makers, medical practitioners, and students in relevant fields.

Summary of Profitable Businesses for Panacea World Health Network
• Holistic Medical Centre, Holistic Medical Spa (preventive medicines) "Bellini" Healthy Essential Oil Beauty Spa Marketing and Licensing:
• Nontoxic holistic medicines
• Organic care products
• Specialized nutritional products
• Functional/nutritional drinks
• Smoking cessation aid products
• Diagnostic devices and Diagnostic Rapid Test Kits
• Other selected technologies
• Private label products: OEM, ODM

Summary of Non-profitable activities of the Panacea World Health Network
• Cancer and hard-to-cure diseases clinic (incl. Alzheimer?s, Parkinson?s, and Dementia Clinic)
• Refugee Aid with test kit and OTC medicine
• Aid with test kit and nutritional products along with topical treatments
• Starvation relief in Africa with preventive medicine and nutritional products
• Sponsoring education on public hygiene and public sanitation facilities
• Sponsoring research and clinical studies on preventative and/or holistic medicines

As of March 5, 2017, Kimmie Mathews and Bernard Armani of Panacea World Health Network reached a mutual agreement to officially commit to commence the aforementioned business as described herein. It is known and agreed between them according to the following: Kimmie Mathews and Bernard Armani will make final decisions on selecting partners and seeking bona-fide investors and in licensing technologies in Korea. Nevertheless, for Korea specifically, Kimmie Mathews is privileged to sign company documents solely, as Bernard Armani has given his consent to it.

I declare everything said in this summary is sincere and nothing but the truth. For verification,

Reported on: March 19, 2017
Reported by: Kim Chong Hui (aka. Kimmie Mathews)

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